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another tinkle, another goodbye

A little flower was dying on the floor, keeping little secrets in the back of her hand; please don't lend it a kiss, she doesn't know what the kiss is for.

Nothing is real after a hidden world, where I tried to be free surrounded by big walls. Flying words at the back of my hand I try to not recall, at the same time these little eyes turn into pearls.

Another tinkle, another glow made of misery and a little hand full of a giant lie. I'm taking every bit of me in a trip to the sky and dreaming of your breath erasing the mistery.

Naked and still hiding, asleep and a little petrified, I wonder if you would stay after it all falls down. The sky got cold, and the floor melted before being drown meanwhile screaming heavens invaded my mind, singing that no one knows anything at all and sadly never will.

Further away, another flower cried.

Somewhere out there, I am inside again... in a bed full of little flowers and smoke. And between lonely thoughts and curses, a child spoke; it is something quirky and wrong with your brain.

pretty silence